Ticket #29373
I created a report and found extra data in it. Being a very large report, I did a test. I created another report the gives me a couple fields. The first field is the part number. I told the record selection to give me part numbers "in the Range" of 10000 to 49000. I do get those, But i also get ALL the other parts we make. part number 1, 245, 3300-9...etc. I should ONLY get part numbers 10000-49000. I don't understand what the problem is.
Explained to customer that in his application the field he is trying to do a range on is an alpha field. For the sake of doing a range, the database is going to treat this differently than as if it were a numeric field and this is why your results are inconsistent with what you would expect to see. If there are no characters in the values for this part number field, you could create a calculation that casts the field to a numeric field, and then create your 'In the Range' selection over the calculation.
Asked on August 14, 2019