Ticket #29444
How do I toggle or hide the levels on the prompt page in a Bootstrap Report?
In a Bootstrap Report, from m-Painter you can right click on the level you are interested in and from the context menu that comes up select 'Toggle Report Level'. This option will toggle (select or unselect) the level by default for the user on the prompt page. If you click 'Remove Report Level' this will remove the level from the prompt page, and no longer include the level in the output of the report. If you simply want to hide the level on the prompt page from the user (but still include it in the report output) right click on the level -> Edit Element -> and add a hidden="hidden" attribute to the level in the source ex. <li class="list-group-item list-group-item-action active" data-total="G_TOTAL" hidden="hidden"><i class="fa fa-square-o"></i> Grand Total</li> This hides the 'Grand Total' option from the Prompt Page.
Asked on August 28, 2019