Ticket #29451
Is there an easy way to update or identify which reports are set up to e-mail? We need to change the "After email, redirect to " property in the application properties for all reports across our dictionaries. Is there a way to do without doing so one-by-one? We have a lot of reports.
Informed customer while m-Power doesn't have a built-in tool to search and replace across all dictionaries for all applications, she may use a text editor (we recommend Notepad++) that has an advanced search and replace tool that can perform this action across all her dictionaries. Since all m-Power application files live in /m-power/mrcjava/WEB-INF/classes/ , this is the directory where you can find and replace across all applications. As a very important note, we would strongly advise to always backup files before undertaking such a wide-spread find and replace process.
Asked on September 6, 2019