Ticket #29454
We noticed that on an Android device and iPhone the application sign out in the top right corner is not there as well as the menu icon to the far left. We checked the settings to make sure all types of devices are allowed and it looks correct. So essentially there is no way for a user to sign out on a phone device. Is there a setting we may have missed?
Advised customer that out of the box, the mobile menu file doesn't have the sign off button like the PC menu version does. However you are more than able to take the bit of HTML code that you already have in your header file that has the Sign Off link: ex. looks something like this <a class="nav-link" href="mrc.Login?lib=${visitor.library?html}&amp;action=1">Sign Off </a> and just place this manually in the mobile menu html file (Admin Menu -> Edit Dictionary Files -> mrc Menu -> 'Switch' -> pick the appropriate mobile menu page and load this into the editor). Likely you'll want to put this in the header section with the other buttons, however where you add a sign off link is entirely up to you as you are just editing a raw HTML file.
Asked on September 4, 2019