Ticket #29463
Do you have a way to define headers and footers by app type, example, retrievals and maintainers, reports and others (instead of using just one generic header)?
There's not a built in method or any kind of property that exists that will allow you to designate using different headers per application. However this is not to say you cannot use different headers per application. In each of the applications, the header file gets loaded into the app via these comment tags: <!-- Begin mrc Header --> <!-- insert header_user_file="mrc_servlet_head.html" here --> <!-- End mrc Header --> This mrc_servlet_head.html file lives in /mrcjava/WEB-INF/classes/DD (where 'DD' is your dictionary name). You can make an additional copy of this file (ex. mrc_servlet_head_report.html ) and make whatever report specific changes you want to this header file. Then you may simply reference that other header file in the source of the report, and this will load the other header whenever the app is ran. Note the same exact method as outlined above can be applied to the footer file as well(mrc_servlet_foot.html).
Asked on September 5, 2019