Ticket #29664
Created a new "Bootstrap" dictionary by copying existing "Retro" dictionary. The copy did not copy/convert "Retro" dictionary files MRCSEC1-5 to new "Bootstrap" dictionary files MRCSEC1-7 That is unfortunate as I wanted to use Option 2 solution from Ticket# 26615 to have a "Consolidated Menu" so that there is only one version of dictionary security to maintain on the entire m-power system. The new "Bootstrap" MRCSEC# files are very different from the "Retro" version, so I do not know how I can convert this over, as I want to use the new Bootstrap dictionary for mrcMenu and dictionary security. Even though I am very good at IBM db2 SQL, I have no knowledge on how to convert these 5 MRCSEC# files into 7 MRCSEC# files.
Informed customer the version of the menu system being used in a dictionary is actually not tied to a particular dictionary theme, and any dictionary app theme (retro, sky, or bootstrap theme) could be configured if desired to utilize the latest menu system. Granted you are on the m-Power version on or later than when the menuing upgrades was introduced (February 2018), note that any new dictionary out of the box will now default to using the newest menu system (with tables MRCSEC1-7). In regards more specifically to your question, if you want to convert an existing dictionary from utilizing an older version of the menu (only MRCSEC1-5) to the newest (with MRCSEC1-7) you can follow these instructions here: https://www.mrc-productivity.com/docs/security/end-user-menuing See where it says 'Upgrading to this Menu option'. Let me know if there are any other questions you have with this whatsoever.
Asked on November 1, 2019