Ticket #29665
We're using variable datasource in our applications and wondering if there is a way to display a description of the current datasource being used to the end user?
Advised customer to create a separate table in each library/database. Each table would have a single column and a single record. That record will simply hold the text description you want to display to the user for the current datasource. Once the tables are created and the single record in place, register one of the tables to m-Power and build a simple single row retrieval over the table. When you execute that retrieval, you should see the appropriate site description depending on the site selected. From there, you can import the retrieval data into any application you wish such as the menu or the header. Details about using m-Power imports can be found here: https://www.mrc-productivity.com/docs/m-painter-app-prop/working-with-the-m-painter-import-panel
Asked on November 1, 2019