Ticket #29672
Is there a way to add a drop-down list to a text area? When I attempt to do this in a maintainer I get redirected to a link. Also it seems that there is some logic to determine a textarea, what is the length limit for input length?
You cannot add a dropdown or option list to a textarea. However, you may easily convert a textarea input into a text input. In m-Painter, right-click on the textarea box -> Convert Input To -> Convert Input to Text Input. Once the field is a text input box, you may add an option list as normal. The default field length to use an input field as a textarea is 50 characters. You may change this at the dictionary level in the Admin Menu -> Edit Dictionary Files -> Dictionary Configuration -> Template Options -> Textarea Field Length Threshold. Set the desired threshold and save. Be sure to restart Tomcat and recompile/overwrite HTML of any applicable maintainers.
Asked on November 5, 2019