Ticket #29683
We added a column to a table on our database. We need to go into our apps, and add this field. How do I get m-Power to recognize this new column? Do I need to de-register and register the table again? I was going to try this off the bat, but since this table is in use on production I wanted to confirm I was going down the right road first. In these cases am I better off altering the table using the m-Power interface to add columns so that m-Power recognizes them immediately?
Altering a table's columns (whether that be deleting, adding, or modifying columns) don't get picked up on automatically in m-Power's Manage Table section. If you added a new column to the table directly on the database, then you need to go to Manage Tables -> Find table -> 'Fields' -> 'Add Database Field' and then add the field to the table in m-Power from here. Also understand that table and field registration in m-Power does not affect existing applications at runtime. The only thing you are affecting with table registration is the development interface metadata and what tables are available when going to build/edit applications. If you have tables that were created through the m-Power interface (i.e. have the little wrench icon by them) you could go through this way as you are suggesting of adding/modifying/deleting columns, since it would alter the physical table on your MySQL database and update the m-Power metadata at the same time, thus saving you an extra step.
Asked on November 8, 2019