Ticket #29702
I'm having trouble getting graph properties to change. I'm using a 3D Bar Chart and not sure what I'm doing wrong. I am trying to adjust the x-axis value font and size but it does not change when I'm editing the graph from the graphing tool.
Advised customer when you build a new report out of the box in m-Power, the styles, colors, fonts, etc. applied to the graph are all controlled by a theme. By default, this theme is the 'mrc' theme. This stock theme can sometimes override certain properties in the graphing tool, depending on the graph type (like the x-axis label font-size in the 3D Bar Chart). To remove the 'mrc' theme from the graph, go to the Application Properties (Graph -> Chart Theme). Save the properties, and reload m-Painter. Now you should be able to successfully alter the graph font-size from the graphing tool and see those changes take effect.
Asked on November 14, 2019