Ticket #29939
I am migrating servers and downloaded and installing the install version. The install m-Power version is older than the m-Power version installed on the old server. Can I just copy the folders from the old server to the new server or do I need to upgrade the software first?
Informed customer that the m-Power versions between the new and old server must be the same, to ensure that there are no versioning issues that arise when you copy over your existing applications to the new server. Please update the new server to match the version you have on the existing server, then once completed you can copy over your applications (everything in the /mrcjava/ folder) without issue. Please see here for more information and detailed instruction about migrating m-Power to a new server: https://www.mrc-productivity.com/docs/getting-started/managing-m-power-installs
Asked on January 23, 2020