Ticket #29946
I am using the Bootstrap 'Form Layout' tool from m-Painter. I have 4 fields in a single row. As soon as I put 5 on the row, the 5th field is no longer aligned with the other fields and gets pushed on a new row. What is happening?
Informed customer what he is seeing is related to how Bootstrap's responsive Grid system works. A single row can not exceed a total of 12. It can be less than or equal to 12, but not greater than 12. As soon as you exceed 12, the other fields after (in my example, CCITY) get pushed on a new row. Therefore if you are going to put more than 4 items in a row, you'll need to edit the source HTML and change the columns as desired to col-lg-3 to 2 or 1 (instead of 'undefined') depending on how many columns you are going for. See here for more info: https://www.mrc-productivity.com/techblog/?p=10308 https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/layout/grid/
Asked on January 23, 2020