Ticket #30139
I've been cleaning up some security profiles on the SQL server and trying to slowly eliminate SQL Server logins in favor of Windows Authentication. This has lead me to m-Power due since it's the largest user of SQL server logins. All of our developers have been set up as SQL server logins. If possible I would like to move developers over to Windows Authentication. I would also like to look at transferring the mpoweradmin login to a service account set up under Windows Authentication.
If you're looking to setup developers to sign into the m-Power development interface via Windows Authentication, see this documentation here: https://www.mrc-productivity.com/techblog/?p=10167 The section that outlines the steps required to configure this setup is labeled under 'Active Directory Interface Signin'. Feel free to look it over and let me know if you have any questions that I can answer for you.
Asked on March 19, 2020