Ticket #30395
I upgraded my menu to the newest version. When I click on "Manage Menu Options" to add the role to use a menu, I receive the following error: "java.sql.SQLException: [SQL0205] Column OPTLONGDESC not in table MRCSEC2 in MAC.
Investigating customer's logs and his m-Power environment showed that the menu upgrade failed because the pooled user profile lacked object authority to the MRCSEC1-5 menu tables on the database, and this prevented the upgrade process from appropriately altering the existing menu tables. Once the pooled user was granted object authority to all MRCSEC tables in the MAC library, the customer was able to drop MRCSEC6 and MRCSEC7, and then restart the upgrade process for the menu. This attempt was now successful and no SQL errors in the menu system.
Asked on June 30, 2020