Ticket #30416
If I want to build a super simple request application for our sales reps to request a catalog or track sheet or order guide, I know how to build the app so they can enter the requested data, but I'm unclear as to how to "route" or "Email" that request to the office? I will have several apps like this and the only thing they have in common is the need to send the data on to someone else when it's complete? Is there a template, example, suggestions?
Two options that can work well: 1. Use the Merge Data to PDF retrieval. Allows you to export a database record to a fillable PDF form of your choice. You do need a fillable/editable PDF to utilize this feature (mrc does not supply this). You would build the maintainer as normal, and also build this Merge to PDF retrieval over the same as/400 file. You can utilize the Messaging and Scheduled Tasks utility to make your PDF and send it via an email in one shot. 2. If you don't have or want to create a fillable/editable PDF form, then you can simply call a Retrieval (HTML) or Report (HTML/PDF/Excel/ and even more output options) instead and similar to the above option, and send that Retrieval/Report via email to a user via the Messaging and Scheduled Task utility. Sent customer corresponding documentation.
Asked on July 6, 2020