Ticket #30459
Is there a way to create a group record selection for 2 row level security selections. For example, the rep must either be in crep1 field or in crep2 field? Currently in creating a standard report, it doesn't let me create a grouping around row level security selections. Also when I select an OR for the record selection AND/OR choice, it changes it back to AND.
Row level security cannot be used in a grouping or with an OR clause. Row level security will always use an AND operator. Instead of using both fields separately, you can concatenate the fields in a calculation separated by a space (&FIELD1 || ' ' || &FIELD2). Then in the Row Level Security table, use a 'CT' relationship value instead of 'EQ'. Back in the report, use the concatenated calculation to secure against instead of the separate fields.
Asked on July 23, 2020