Ticket #30559
Some report graphs will not show on my dashboard but will show when you run the report by itself. Not sure why that is. The report runs fine and shows the graph but when I add it to the dashboard, it shows blank. Any ideas?
This to me sounds like you're running the report standalone differently then how you're calling it in the dashboard. You need to pay attention to how you are running the report standalone. For example, are you including Details, Subtotals,and/or Grandtotal Levels? Are you filtering the report with a runtime record selection? This is all important to recognize because if you want the report to run the same way when called in the dashboard, you need to pass the corresponding URL parameters when adding the report to the dashboard. For instance, if you are only running the Report with a subtotal level, and not detail, you need to specify this in your dashboard. All the URL parameters you pass to an application can be found by using '?help=1' when running the report standalone. Going off the example scenario outlined, if I have report in the dashboard and want to only run it with a subtotal by ship year and tell m-Power to bring in the graph portion only, this is how the Additional URL Parameters in my dashboard would look: basic=3&dash=2&run=1&S_SHIPYEAR=1&graph=1 Following this advice, the customer adjusted his URL parameters in the dashboard and got the report graphs to load successfully.
Asked on September 4, 2020