Ticket #30569
I'm trying to setup two new generic user logins: sales and billing, for our users to access those corresponding tabs in our menuing system. I have setup the ids and passwords on the AS400. I created the ids in the m-Power Menuing & Security section and assigned them each a role. When I try to login it keeps failing, and I get redirected to the mrc home page. What am I missing?
Each dictionary as you may recall has its own configurable security settings. Navigate to Admin Menu -> Edit Dictonary Files -> Sign on Configuration (This is the mrcSignon2.xml file). If you are going to valid profiles against the AS/400, you need to specify the Validation Type property to 'Validate by system profile on remote server' and pick the appropriate bean that connects to your database via the Data Source property. See here for more information and help: https://www.mrc-productivity.com/docs/security/implementing-security
Asked on September 10, 2020