Ticket #30570
If we have multiple people using the same generic profile is that going to cause issues with people getting disconnected and running different apps in m-Power? I've noticed that if I'm playing around with running the same app in dev and prod that often I get disconnected from one system or the other and have to log back in.
Your end-users will not have problems, multiple users can sign in with the same profile and run reports, retrievals, etc. without issue. The only reason you are getting signed out is because you are specifically going between development and production in your browser session (which wouldn't happen to your end users because they are only running apps via production). When you're signed in to run applications, Tomcat gives you a session value (stored in the browser). Remember that Development and Production each have their own Tomcat instance, so trying to go between these two Tomcats in one single browser session causes you to unknowingly 'overwrite' the other session value. If you ever want to run a report in Development and run a report in Production to compare them side by side, you would want to have separate browsers open to do this. Ex. Run the Development version of the report in Chrome, run the Production version of the report in Firefox.
Asked on September 10, 2020