Ticket #30572
I have an database calc in my Report. IF proceed = ORSLV then expression is "&hrs * & rate". ELSE expression is "&rate". The ELSE condition never prints the right value.
Customer had a report calculation with an IF block that was subtotaling a value for him correctly, but when he added the ELSE condition he basically wanted last row of detail functionality in the report (i.e. did not want a summed value on the subtotal). This was a heavily customized app, so suggested he use Freemarker conditional logic to print in the HTML ${subTotal1.CALCULA001?html} when the IF block was true, otherwise print ${lastRow.CALCULA001?html}. For information on creating conditional statements in Freemarker, please see here: https://www.mrc-productivity.com/docs/freemarker/freemarker-overview
Asked on September 10, 2020