Ticket #30580
I am using the calendar maintainer with just a start date and an end date. No time fields. My event starts on 'January 1st' and ends on 'January 3rd', but visually the calendar shows the event ending on 'January 2nd'. Is there a way to make my event span until the 3rd?
The functionality you are seeing is the design of the FullCalendar plugin (which is what mrc uses for the Calendar template). FullCalendar treats end dates as exclusive. For example, an event with the end of 2020-01-03 will appear to span through 2020-01-02 but end before the start of 2020-01-03. Therefore, there's no out of the box setting in m-Power to change this behavior with FullCalendar. However a simple workaround you can use is to make a new database calculation that adds one day to your end date field. Then use this calculation in the Template Properties for the 'Field containing end date' property. Set the calculation to 'Hide' in Field Settings. Save and recompile (HTML overwrite required). It will just be for visual purposes on the calendar, as your user will still update the real date field when adjusting the end date of an event.
Asked on September 14, 2020