Ticket #30653
I have an m-Painter calculation I made. I want to format it with a percent '%' sign, so I clicked in the cell and added the '%' right after the calculation. Every time I press the save button, a space is put in front of the grand total % signs.
1. Open m-Painter, and find the cell with your calculation (@calc). 2. Place your cursor in the cell, right-click, and from the context menu Cell -> Edit Cell HTML. 3. Inside the HTML source for the calculation, you can manually add the format inside here. Here's an example: <@calc>EXPR[8,2,-####.##%]=(${subTotal2.SPER01_o}/${subTotal2.SPER02_o})*100;</@calc> -####.##% is what you need to add. This will format the calculation always in percentage format, with two decimal precision. Feel free to adjust the displayed precision if needed.
Asked on October 9, 2020