Ticket #30663
When using a Combobox with an Is in the List runtime filter on a report, a checkbox list is being generated instead of a Combobox. There is no option to starting keying a value to get a list of valid results, as there is with an 'equal to' relationship.
What you're seeing with the Combobox option and 'Is in the List' relationship is expected. 'Is in the List' is a unique option granted an end-user can select one or many options that the way we code the combobox functionality is slightly different from comboboxes on singular relationships (ex. 'Equal to'). The 'Is in the List' option on a runtime value prompt filter for a Report will behave as you're seeing. How many options are in this list that your user can potentially select from? If it's a short amount of options (i.e less than 100), the dropdown option should work well for the report if you're comfortable using that instead. Otherwise if you have many options (ex. 1000) you may delete the 'Is in the list' filter, and add in multiple 'Equal to' filters with an 'OR' operator. Then you can add a lookup window to each of your filters, and this would allow a user to easily select from many records and filter by one or more values at a time.
Asked on October 13, 2020