Ticket #30672
How can I restore a previous version of my application in development? I.E. Everything in the Data Model (Tables/Fields, Dimensions, Calculations, Field Settings, Smartlinks, External Objects, etc.)
With the new m-Power (as of 2020), we added in the ability to restore a previous version of any application you develop. I'll outline how that's done via the following steps. All the specifications of an application (Tables/Fields, Filters, Dimensions, Calcs, Smartlinks, External Objects, etc.) are written to a JSON file on the server. Each time you rebuild an application, a new JSON file is made with the most current specifications. You'll have a list of JSON files for each time you recompiled an application, and those files exist on the server in: /m-power/mrcwebgui/WEB-INF/specs/DD/#####/ 'DD' would be your dictionary name, and '#####' would be the app number. 1. Find the appropriate backup JSON file from the mrcwebgui/WEB-INF/specs/DD/I00010 folder 2. Move it into the m-power/mrcjava/WEB-INF/DD/ folder and rename it, making sure to the overwrite the existing #####s.json file that corresponds with your application type and number. 3. Recompile the application. Note that this will not touch any or revert any of your customized HTML files (m-Painter), granted you say 'No' to the overwrite when recompiling. As you may recall if you want to revert an older HTML file that is done in m-Painter directly.
Asked on October 15, 2020