Ticket #30683
Do all changes/promotions to Production require a restart of the Tomcat service?
Yes. If you are promoting changes or new apps to production, they do not get read in by Tomcat until the service restarts. Most customers have the Tomcat services restart nightly (or at any off-hour where end-user login would be at a minimum) that way developers can move over changes to apps during the day to Production without affecting end-users. I highly recommend (if not done already) that your server admin sets up the Tomcat services (both development and any production environment(s)) to automatically restart nightly so any promoted changes get loaded in. Another important reason to restart the Tomcat service daily is that each day will generates a new set of log files on the server. If you ever are diagnosing a problem or need to send us your Tomcat logs to analyze, having each day as a different set of logs for each day of activity is extremely benefical.
Asked on October 16, 2020