Ticket #30687
If I run a report standalone with 'graph=1' in the URL, the page is blank and I don't see my graph. Why is that?
If you're running the report standalone and passing 'graph=1' through the URL, the blank page you are seeing is expected. 'graph=1' tells the report to only process the HTML that is in between the graph comments in the HTML source. These are those comments I'm referring to: <!-- Begin Graph Image --> ... ... <!-- End Graph Image --> The reason this does not work standalone (the graph doesn't show up) because with 'graph=1' you're not including the <head> section of the report HTML which has the necessary scripts needed for the graph to render successfully. Displaying the graph portion of a report works innately with the parameter 'graph=1' if the report is being called as the child of another page. Two notable examples are when you import a report inside another application, or when using a report inside a dashboard. In both instances, 'graph=1' appropriately works because there is a calling parent page that is loading the necessary <script> tags in the <head> section that are required for the graph image to render. Now if for whatever circumstance you need to run the Report standalone (and not via an import or dashboard), you can get only the graph portion to render but you need to move the scripts needed for the graph from the <head> section to after the <!-- Begin Graph Image --> comment.
Asked on October 16, 2020