Ticket #30828
In a Multiple Row Data List retrieval, I'm using the detail view. The page size is 100 records. Is there a way when using the detail view to make the record information (on the right side of the screen) stick on the page as a user scrolls?
Any time you want an item to float or stick to the screen, this requires using CSS. Please be aware that mrc does not offer assistance with styling applications via our helpdesk system, as CSS is under the realm of custom code. However because in this scenario I think the solution via CSS is easy to implement, I have decided to provide one possible solutions to this question on this occasion. 1. Open m-Painter. 2. Open the Responsive List HTML file. 3. Search for this line: <div class="col-lg-9 pl-0"> change to: <div class="col-lg-9 pl-0"style="position:fixed; right:0;"> 4. Save m-Painter and rerun the app. This will fix the record information on the right side of the screen to the page at all times, including when a user scrolls.
Asked on November 19, 2020