Ticket #30914
We'd like to use library list functionality for the a dictionary we're promoting to production. As production doesn't have an interface, is there a particular file we should be modifying once the dictionary is promoted?
Yes. There are two files that are used when running apps in a dictionary against a library list. 1. mrc-spring-context.xml file in Admin Menu -> Datasources -> (Runtime) Datasources. 2. mrc_servlet_config.xml file in Admin Menu -> Dictionary Configuration -> Runtime Application Settings. The 'mrc_servlet_config.xml' specifically needs to be modified for your production instance to correctly use your library list functionality (and not qualify tables with the default development schema the app was built with) and to tell the dictionary which datasource connection has your library list information. See here for more information on this: https://www.mrc-productivity.com/docs/m-power-admin/setting-up-web-2-0-applications-to-handle-development-and-production-data
Asked on December 15, 2020