Ticket #30916
I tried to restart development Tomcat on our Windows server. The service is stuck on 'Stopping' so I can't start the service back up. How do I resolve this?
Occasionally when you try to restart the Tomcat service the service will not shutdown correctly and is stuck on a status of 'Stopping'. If this happens in the future, you can manually kill the Tomcat service from the Windows Task Manager. It will be nested under a process called 'Commons Daemon Service Runner'. You will have at least two of these processes with the exact name in the Services window if you have development and production running off the same server. It's important to click the down arrow on any process named 'Commons Daemon Service Runner' so you can identify which process in the Task Manager window corresponds to the appropriate Tomcat (dev or prod) service you want to forcibly end. Once you select the appropriate process, press 'End Task' and now you should be able to press the 'Refresh' button on your Services window and will see the 'Start' button for Tomcat appear.
Asked on December 16, 2020