Ticket #30931
I have a child maintainer which has the 'Maintainer Page Layout' property set to 'Retrieval and maintainer on same page' in Application Properties. I'm trying to use the auto-sequence in m-Power for the child maintainer. The line number increments correctly on the child form, but the order number isn't carried over. I don't want the user to have to manually type in the order number value when adding the details. How can I have that show up automatically?
Advised customer that with this setup of 'Retrieval and maintainer on same page', the order number won't show up unless the child page explicitly is told the action mode (action_mode parameter) the maintainer should load in, whether that's add, update, or delete. To keep the order number input value in the maintainer form at all times (even if you don't explicitly pass the action_mode to the child page) you can change the HTML input for order number slightly and refer to the order number field as a custom parameter. Change the 'value' attribute on the input as follows: value="${row.YOURFIELDNAME?html}" To: value="${custom.parm('YOURFIELDNAME')?html}"
Asked on December 18, 2020