Ticket #31125
I have a maintainer that uses the Workflow Designer. When a user adds a new record, I want to be able to set one of my fields equal to a computed calculation value. The calculation is a subquery looking up a value from a different table. But this is not working and my field value isn't be set.
Anytime you are trying to use the 'Set a Field Value' step in the Workflow Designer with a calculation and the maintainer is being used in add mode, this will not work as desired. The reason is because the record has not been written yet, and the calculation has no value until after the record is already added. My advice based on the information I have with what you're doing: Use a Lookup Data Via a Retrieval step that queries that separate table. Following the lookup, you can then use the Set a Field Value step after, mapping the field you want to set to a value obtained from the Lookup.
Asked on February 12, 2021