Ticket #31146
I am trying to display a "Last Row of Detail" value in my Interactive Report. The highest subtotal level has the same value, and I want to pull in that value to the grand total (rather than summing it up by default). But every time I insert the Last Row of Detail from m-Painter, it's not correct.
Discovered the reason his Last Row of Detail value was not what he was expecting was because the Interactive Report had Application type calculations. The introduction of even just a single Application type calculation in a Report eliminates the GROUP BY clause in the SQL query at runtime. Without GROUP BY, this means all the detail level records have to loaded and summed in memory behind the scenes, and ultimately the value of 'Last Row of Detail' changes because of this. It's no longer going to be the last subtotal value. The solution is to remake the application type calculations into database type calculations, as the Interactive Report does not have any use for Application type calculations. Once done, the GROUP BY clause will be restored and 'Last Row of Detail' will function as expected.
Asked on February 19, 2021