Ticket #31171
I have a Bootstrap Regular Report where I've set the width (in pixels) from the Cell Properties in m-Painter to 500px. However when I run the report, I notice the cell is not always 500 pixels.
Applying the cell width via the 'Cell Properties' feature in m-Painter will apply a style like such: <td class="ten text-left" style="white-space: nowrap; width: 500px;">${row.CNAME?html}</td> This probably isn't working for you (i.e. isn't always giving you a width of 500px) because of the innate functionality of with Bootstrap and the HTML table. The column widths will grow/shrink based on the amount of columns present in order to fill the container the table is inside of. If you want a specific column to always be 500px regardless, I would suggest you try "min-width" instead (you'll need to modify this in the source HTML directly): <td class="ten text-left" style="white-space: nowrap; min-width: 500px;">${row.CNAME?html}</td>
Asked on February 22, 2021