Ticket #31242
Services won't start (Development and Production). Error in logs: "Failed Creating Java C:\Program Files\Amazon Corretto\jdk1.8.0_232\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll". I know our Amazon Corretto was updated last night.
Currently all environments on your server are configured to point to the version of JDK that m-Power was installed with at the time (jdk1.8.0_232). If JDK 8 is going to be updated on the server, that path to the JVM is going to be invalid each time Java is updated and m-Power will no longer start. To resolve this, any Tomcat instances you use (Dev, Prod, QA, etc.) should have the Tomcat service properties JVM path set to 'Use Default'. This will ensure that m-Power will look at the Window's JAVA_HOME environment variable to determine what the correct JDK 8 path is. Provided instructions on how to do this, and this resolved the issue for customer.
Asked on March 9, 2021