Ticket #31271
I'm using a maintainer form. Is there a way to do a search with a keyword but to find the data if it contains that keyword. I tried using ajax suggest and validate option but the issue is that it only searches if it starts with that input. I need it if it contains it. Like a diacritic search.
Advised customer to try using a Combo Box (https://www.mrc-productivity.com/docs/m-painter-app-prop/create-dropdowns-in-m-painter#a3) in place of your dropdowns. The combo box has an option to check "Full Match". This will search with a "contains" relationship. Alternatively, you can use a Lookup Window (https://www.mrc-productivity.com/docs/m-painter-app-prop/create-lookup-window-in-m-painter). We typically recommend using lookup windows instead of dropdowns when the list of values is over 100. The lookup window opens a multiple record retrieval pop up and your users can search with a "contains" relationship in the lookup window.
Asked on March 16, 2021