Ticket #31403
I have an alpha-numeric (VARCHAR) field that does not display correctly when exporting the results to an Excel file. The data is shipping tracking #'s which could have alpha characters in the string, but also no alpha characters in the sting (only numeric characters). When displaying in HTML the data displays correctly, but when exporting to Excel the strings that only have numbers are rounding at the 15th character. Rather than changing the default settings on Excel throughout the company, is there any way I can set this field not to round through the m-Power application? example: [HTML:92419901065622553063407409 , Excel:9.24199010656226E+25 (displays as: 92419901065622600000000000)]
There's an easy way to tell the m-Power app to treat your column when exported to Excel as 'text', rather than numeric (in which case rounding occurs) . Open m-Painter of the application where you are exporting the data to Excel. If this is an m-Power report template, make sure you are editing in the m-Painter editor the Output Page of the report (the page that contains the HTML table). Find the column in your application with the varchar(40) field. Right-click on the column heading -> Cell -> Cell Properties -> and adjust 'Excel Cell Type' to 'Text'. This will dictate whether Excel treats the column and a text field or numeric field, and hence control whether rounding will happen.
Asked on April 28, 2021