Ticket #31413
I am getting "This application does not contain a graph" when trying to bring a graph from my report into a dashboard.
Every Report that has a graph has two comments bv default in the HTML source that tell m-Power where to find the graph when it's being called from a dashboard. It's likely that through the course of using m-Painter to customize your report, you inadvertently and unknowingly removed those lines. In your HTML source of the Report you're bringing into the dashboard, make sure the graph content is surrounded by these begin/end comments: <!-- Begin Graph Image --> GRAPH CONTENT HERE <!-- End Graph Image --> The graph content can be found by searching for the <@mrc_img_src> and </@mrc_img_src> tags. Make sure the begin and end comments surround this entirely. Adding these comments in will get the graph to show up from the dashboard.
Asked on April 30, 2021