Ticket #31459
Is there a way to copy an existing report and then just replace the table? The field names are exactly the same but the table name is different.
Your options are as follows. If your columns are exactly the same between the two tables, then you can do any of these methods. If they are not, then you can only do option 3. Option 1. Overwrite the Java code and change the table name being used in the .java file for a quick and non-permanent solution. Option 2. Altering the m-Power metadata behind the scenes and delete the existing application JSON file from the server. This is a very involved but permanent solution. Option 3. Make a new application entirely that uses the other table you desire. This is the best approach and less messy of all. You will be essentially remaking your entire application, but it is a permanent solution. Sent him instructions for the first two options, as the third is self-explanatory.
Asked on May 10, 2021