Ticket #31462
Is there a way to have the Interactive Report expand all drilldowns at once? That way a user doesn't have to drill into all the levels one-by-one to load the data.
Yes. There's a property you can enable to grant the end-user this functionality, to expand the Interactive Report by all subtotal levels, or all subtotal levels and detail. This is in your Application Properties (Edit Properties) and is the property labeled 'Subtotal Options?'. Set this to 'Enable'. At runtime, this will give a new box in the Interactive Report (underneath the Dimensions and any runtime Filters) for the user to expand or collapse the levels in the output. Note that giving the ability for a user to expand all the detail information can be resource intensive, so exercise caution with this property if the underlying data set is large. If you only want users to be able to expand the subtotals for instance (and not details with it), you can delete or hide the radio button for 'All Subtotals & Details' right from m-Painter of this Interactive Report.
Asked on May 10, 2021