Ticket #31467
I have a Single Row Data List retrieval that will not load in m-Painter. All aspects of the application work fine when running it, and editing everything in the Data Model works fine, but once you click on m-Painter, you just see the spinning circles. I tried to disable the m-Painter editor in the Edit Properties and force the HTML to load in source mode, but this didn't work.
Upon investigation discovered the issue was isolated to a field in the application. The Data Model showed there was field in the application as numeric, yet it was noticed the display format for the field wasn't set (the dropdown was blank). The numeric format wasn't pulling in because ultimately the dictionary has the field registered as an alpha field, while the application still had it as numeric. In Field Settings, had the customer press 'Resync Dictionary Attributes' and then the Data model correctly loaded the field as it was registered (as an alpha field). From this point on, opening m-Painter worked without issue.
Asked on May 11, 2021