Ticket #31536
We have a report with a graph with a drill-down. When the criteria field (ex. Vendor Name) contains a blank, it shows up in the graph with the proper count (of records with a blank Vendor Name), but when you click that portion of the graph for the drill down, the results don't have a filter. I'm assuming because it passes "nothing".
Your understanding is correct of what's happening. When you click on the graph piece that represents records where the Vendor Name is blank, there's no value to pass in the drilldown to pass along in the URL for the Vendor Name. Here's a high level overview however of a method that you could implement in your apps to filter on "blanks" in the drilldown. Create in the report that has the graph (as well the subsequent drilldown application) a conditional calculation that if the Vendor Name is not blank or not null, the calculation expression is the Vendor Name field. Otherwise, the calculation expression is literally some generic placeholder text, like 'N/A' , 'Blank', etc. Basically give yourself a way to have a "value" for situations where the vendor name is blank. Once that's done and you've rebuilt the applications (no HTML overwrite needed), in the drilldown link of the report you'll need to use the calculated field (instead of the Vendor Name field) as the parameter name and parameter value that you're passing from the report to the drilldown application.
Asked on May 27, 2021