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April 29, 2021 Update Details

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Report template enhanced to have saved searches available on the prompt section if any saved searches exist.
m-Painter improved to load saved versions if user has space in name.
Calendar Maintainer - Application Property "Detail Window Behavior" improved to not automatically create an event when an open date is selected on the calendar.
AS/400 table creation improved to create alpha fields as VARCHAR field types instead of CHAR.
Period Analysis with SQL Server - SQL Syntax error resolved at runtime when doing comparison on a date calculation.
Period Analysis in Interactive Reports improved to better support being used with saved searches.
Bootstrap reports enhanced to allow sorting when the fixed header property is enabled.
Bootstrap maintainer template improved to properly encode the page.action_mode substitution in the HTML.
m-Power improved to pull date formats from dictionary defaults when creating a new application.
m-Power reports improved to default the page size when the dictionary is configured to use the Javascript Enabled PDF renderer.
m-Power Create Table window enhanced to not close when clicking outside of the modal.
Table Driven Quick Lists - ASC and DESC sort options improved to correctly sort the list accordingly at runtime.
Scheduled task issue fixed where editing an FTP queue task showed a blank dropdown for Input folder.
m-Power improved to pull datetime format from the dictionary default into newly create apps.
m-Power bug resolved related to mapping datetime fields in MSSQL to external objects. Specifically, datetime fields were not showing as an available field to pick within your application's external object parameter mappings.
m-Power improved to include an id on hidden inputs that are created automatically when option lists are rendered on a single row maintainer view in delete mode.
VUE dashboards improved to allow developers to include external CSS stylesheets and custom styles for applications utilized within dashboards.
m-Power REST applications now support an increased number of fields.
VUE Dashboards - 'Is in the list' relationship modified to appropriately filter search values that contain a space.
New installations should have derbyLocale*.jar entry added to tomcat/conf/catalina.properties "Default list of JAR files that should not be scanned using the JarScanner"
Form Designer - Improved in cases where clearing the layout and reinserting fields into the form was not maintaining the same case sensitivity in the underlying HTML.
Time fields in maintainers improved to no longer default to 18:00:00 on a fresh compile.
Date fields at the application level improved to by default select the display format that is set for the field at the dictionary level (in Manage Tables).
m-Power applications improved to better handle setting fields to be required via m-Painter.
m-Power interface improved to better handle the scenario of a table needing to join back to itself on a synonym field.
m-Power bug resolved that improperly handled the scenario of removing record selections, then re-adding new ones at a later date.
m-Power improved to allow developers to immediately use newly created format codes.
Tables created and registered to a dictionary via the Excel Upload functionality enhanced to give the 'Alter' table option in Manage Tables.
Table joining - Using the 'Select All Fields' option improved when joining to a secondary table to no longer inadvertently select the join field into the application field list.
Runtime query logic improved when utilizing a UDF calculation as a runtime filter.
Appropriate URL encoding for "<" or ">" characters added for parent record keys in a parent/child maintainer setup.
Legacy menu version 3 (as outlined here: https://www.mrc-productivity.com/docs/deprecated-documentation/built-in-mrc-menuing-system) enhanced to be visible and editable in the new development interface.
Messaging and Scheduled Tasks: "Tasks and Task Groups" modal window enhanced to increase max rows displayed beyond 1000 tasks.
Freemarker exception for "${device_select_table}" resolved when selecting the 'Options' buttons in the header bar.
Issue resolved where saving the Edit Properties of a Cross Tab report caused a runtime error.
Field names with '#' at the end improved to contain table qualifier in the SQL query when used within a calculation.
Explorer menu - "Launch Dashboard" button adjusted to always be present, and additionally display as "Launch Runtime Data Explorer and Dashboarding" for customers licensed to m-Power's Data Explorer.
VUE Dashboards - Issue resolved where dashboard filters were missing from dashboards after the dashboard header information was updated.
Explorer menu - Improved to ensure the list of Models, DX Charts/Reports, and Dashboards appropriately show in the interface to the developer even if they have signed out of the runtime /mrcjava context.
OLAP Pivot Table color coding improved to hide color-coding specific HTML code from the runtime application.
"Menu Options" screen in the Admin Menu - Interface improved to show Sequence Order # for applications.
Reports - Issue resolved where specific use of a logical fields in the application was causing issues within the Column SQL Type properties.
Runtime filtering with a RIGHTJUST field improved when searching with a "Contains", "Does Not Contains", "Contains Any", or "Contains All" wildcard relationship.
MRCDCT02 duplicate issue resolved. Appropriate changes made to how the comparison logic works when examining the FLDDC column in MRCDCT02 during table/field registration.
Issue resolved where working in multiple m-Power interface tabs could cause corruption of an application.
CSS approach for sticky header in Bootstrap Reports improved to be built into the 'Lock Table Header on Screen?' property.
Option List Retrievals - Program Options -> Maximum Rows to Display property improved to control the number of values that appear at runtime in the Option List retrieval.
Data Explorer - Support for whitelabeling of the DX splash image added.
Manage Tables screen in the m-Power developer interface enhanced to allow search over schema/library.
Runtime Data Explorer - Improvements made to Saved Designs to ensure unauthorized access when the user's role does not have access to the underlying model is prevented.
m-Power now offers a 2nd bootstrap stylesheet.
m-Power enhanced to support improved RESTful web services, including additional security options (such as API keys and bearer tokens).
m-Power enhanced to support reorder maintainer within bootstrap dictionaries
m-Power enhanced to support fixed column heading in all grid based retrieval and maintenance templates. Fixed column heading continues to be supported in reports.