m-Power Customer Portal

December 17, 2018 Update Details

20 Total Items
Sky themed templates updated to remove deprecated references of responsive css files.
m-Power improved to better handle right justified parameters to an external object.
Conditional visibility feature in Bootstrap maintainers improved to better handle comparing against a 0 value.
m-Power interface improved to better secure assigned data dictionaries and the ability to access them.
Issue resolved in maintainers where the particular use of a DATEADD() function was malforming the SQL statement.
Combo box selection improved in Reports.
File upload feature in a Bootstrap maintainer updated for better Bootstrap styling.
m-Painter improved when inserting a field from Last Row of Detail.
Bootstrap reports improved to prevent selecting a 'blank' option selected when using an is-in-the-list runtime record selection.
The Record Selections Grouping screen improved to better support displaying record selections with especially long lists of values.
Interactive Report improved when using multiple graphs in the application.
Bootstrap menuing improved to better support mobile devices.
Issue resolved where Saved Searches were not being saved in the Bootstrap Pivot Table report.
Maintainers improved to better support maintaining joined tables over a synonym field.
Issue resolved where fields were being duplicated in m-Painter when using the 'Insert' button.
Runtime Record Selection's "Select at Runtime" option improved for tablet devices.
BLOB Support added
App History Feature added
App Relationship Feature added
mrc support for licensed databases has been sunset, targeting June 2019 as EOL for support. Customers are encouraged to take update and run conversion process to embedded database.