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December 29, 2020 Update Details

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Regular Report - "Is in the List" runtime value prompt Filters (text input) improved to retain the previously entered filter values when utilizing the 'Make Additional Selections' button.
"Select at runtime" value prompt Filters (with dropdowns) improved in the Regular Report template to retain selections when utilizing the 'Make Additional Selections' button.
Create Table screen in Manage Tables for SQL server instances adjusted to append the schema '.dbo' to the table name when the table is created.
Menuing system - UI improvements added when adding Menu Options that allow for easier distinguishability between Major, Minor, and Sub-Minor groups options when creating or editing a menu option.
Cases where a HTTP 500 runtime error was thrown with 'Date' type database calculation has been resolved.
Overwrite popover helper on the recompile modal window improved to display inside the viewport.
Calculation descriptions - UI updated to prevent submission of calculation names that will exceed the maximum allowed length.
Reports - Runtime logic improved when using parameter calculations as runtime value prompt Filters in new applications.
Manage Tables - Creation of tables for SQL Server installs improved to appropriately create fields as type TIME when specified.
Compile process in new interface improved to handle joining tables with use of a dictionary defined logical field.
UI improved to properly displayed an encoded delta symbol within a calculation description.
Display Where Field Used report - URL encoding added for special characters within field names such as '#' and '$'.
Summaries enhanced to allow the manual entry of calculation lengths.
"Enable Column Reorder" property improved to handle instances where deleted columns in the HTML layer conflicted with the end user's saved browser cookie.
Bootstrap application compile process improved when the application specifications contained a Java method External Object.
Issue fixed where maintainers set to write to joined tables was replacing a field in the joined table with "null".