m-Power Customer Portal

February 25, 2020 Update Details

41 Total Items
Table Driven Quick Lists enhanced to be opted out when Application Security is enabled.
Issue resolved in Bootstrap theme reports improved when utilizing a "sticky" table header.
Form Layout Tool in m-Painter - added alert and code to prevent splitting of row beyond 4 columns.
m-Power interface improved to prevent directory traversal.
Pivot Table improved when working with alias fields to correctly display column headings.
m-Power External Object registration improved to support calling non-dbo stored procedures.
m-Power External Object registration improved to support mixed case procedure names.
Pivot Table export to Excel improved when exporting a table with multiple row dimensions.
Interactive Report drill-down logic improved within dictionaries using Bind Variables.
New Bootstrap dictionary menus improved to default to serving a single responsive PC HTML menu to users.
Specific issue with omitted 'OR' selection criteria returning incorrectly results resolved in m-Power reports.
Templates improved to prevent cross site scripting attacks with default variables.
Bootstrap Interactive Report template properties update to remove "Lock Table Header on screen?" property, as this was not applicable to this particular template.
m-Power improved to better handle when sequencing by an alias field and original field is sequenced after corresponding alias.
Resolved specific issue with report levels in 'Make Additional Selections' window not staying checked.
Dashboards improved to better support filtering over a value containing a space.
Selections dialog window needs type=button on close button or else clicking the close button submits the form.
SQL logic improved in m-Power application in situations where one logical calculation is being used inside another logical calculation.
Issue addressed in m-Power reports where occasionally an omitted runtime value prompt produced incorrect SQL query results.
Cross Tab Report template updated to utilize Bootstrap theme classes.
Data Upload Maintainer improved to better support right-justified fields when uploading a CSV file.
Data Upload Maintainer upload status text adjusted when uploading data.
Multiple Bootstrap templates updated to remove a Sky theme specific class, 'fa-large'.
Filtering improved when bind variables is enabled in the dictionary.
Field Settings screen improved when using ampersands '&' in a Field Description.
Summary applications enhanced to allow for up to 30 characters in new field descriptions.
Form Layout Tool (m-Painter) input orientation option improved when using an upload field.
Data Explorer datasets improved to not show as available models to the end user when not assigned to a role.
m-Power improved to better identify field dependencies when deleting fields from applications when the field is a synonym of another field in the app.
m-Power developer security privileges improved.
Workflow Designer - Issue resolved where field mappings in a Lookup Retrieval incorrectly presented report runtime record selections.
Bootstrap Calendar Maintainer updated to remove "First day of week" (firstDay) property from the Bootstrap template.
m-Power improved to better handle filtering with field names as URL parameters when bind variables are enabled.
Bootstrap templates enhanced by removing unnecessary id attributes from hidden inputs.
Calendar maintainer improved to better support running on a mobile device.
m-Power improved to better handle copying applications and including existing HTML/XML.
Encoding improved for SQL queries when searching on a value and the search value starts with 20.
Calculation dependencies improved to correctly prevent deletion of a conditional calculation being used in a separate calculation.
Data Upload maintainer template improved to better handle uploading decimal values into an alpha field type.
Address Distribution List Retrieval improved to better support filtering with a field alias via the URL.
m-Power enhanced to now include an updated text editor for developers who utilize m-Painter in source mode.