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February 9, 2018 Update Details

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Training data generated improved to remove utility work in previous training dictionary.
m-Power improved to better handle special characters in fields when drilling down in Interactive Report.
Dictionary Stylesheet editor fixed to properly load in Internet Explorer 11.
Display and Maintain Rows template improved to better support displaying time field formats.
Issue fixed where if emailing a PDF directly from the prompt page of a report or using the URL parameter send_email, the PDF would always be always render with the Legacy renderer and not appropriately use the JavaScript Enabled renderer.
Display and maintain calendar enhanced to appropriately filter when using the selections dialog.
Menuing system improved to correctly sort major group headings in ascending order by default.
m-Power improved to allow use of apostrophes within a calculation.
Cross Tab Report template improved to better support using alias fields.
Graph template styling updated to match latest fusioncharts styling.
m-Power fixed to correctly disable viewing an application's child URL when debugging is disabled from the dictionary level.
Dictionary logical fields improved to support conversion classes.
m-Power improved when using scramble() on an input so that URL encoding is no longer an issue for form fields (HTML).
Display and Maintain Calendar improved to properly utilize the Retrieval Page Name and Maintainer Page Name application properties.
m-Power improved to expand support for User Rights privilege parameters to the following templates: Data Upload Maintenance, Web 2.0 Summary, and Web 2.0 Summary to Report.
Reports improved to properly utilize the Display Splash property.
m-Power improved to appropriately use alias fields when joining out to the same table.
Multiple Record Retrieval template improved to better support restful web services when dictionary security is disabled.
Data Explorer improved to better support the use of variable datasources requiring the selection a datasource prior to loading the DX page.
Messaging and Scheduled Task utility updated to support the use of spaces when naming a Message Queue for FTP.
m-Power improved to better handle using fields and their alias fields within the same calculation.
View option in Messaging and Scheduled utility improved to correctly display all options when 'all' is selected from the dropdown.
m-Power interface improved when attempting to navigate from the Create Synonym page within the application build process.
Syntax corrected in message displayed after executing a task from the Messaging and Scheduled Task utility.
m-Power DX is enhanced to improve readability in filtering when working with a resized window.
Data Explorer improved to load a visualization chart if no dimension is selected.
Grid Add Maintainer template improved to correctly remove rows added to the application.
Grid Add Maintainer template improved to appropriately write values to the database table when using a checkbox field.
m-Power Data Explorer (DX) improved to better facilitate sharing saved designs via email.
m-Power improved to support opt-ing out RESTful web service applications from dictionary security.
Issue corrected that prevented external object parameters from being reordered for MSSQL embedded customers.
Syntax corrected on message displayed when attempting to share a design in DX without saving the design first.
Issue fixed where attempting to compile a Grid Add maintenance application with a business rule as an External Object would generate a compile error.
Issue fixed for MSSQL embedded users where an application couldn't be added directly to dictionary menu from the Build and Customize screen.
m-Power improved to install mrc-runtime.properties file on new installations.
mpowerapps_debug.js now included on new installations.
Issue fixed when using multiple checkbox fields within the Grid Add Maintenance template where values would not be appropriately written to the database table.
m-Painter improved to allow custom Java compiling.
Display and Calendar issue resolved where only a partial list of records are returned.
m-Power App Security improved to prevent an unauthorized user across multiple dictionaries from viewing a Maintainer application.
Display and Maintain template improved to return all records after updating or adding when using a record selection comparing two application fields.
m-Power reports enhanced to better facilitate the use of the "Make Additional Selections" button within Reports when working with record selection values that contain a space.
m-Power enhanced to support Period Analysis
m-Power enhanced to support an updated Menuing system.
m-Power enhanced to better support auto sequencing in a Maintenance applications
m-Power enhanced to better support auditing fields within m-Power maintenance applications.
m-Power reports enhanced to better date arithmetic by adding in several default date options such as (is today, is yesterday, is current week, is current YTD, etc....)
m-Power enhanced to now support the ability for a snap-in addition to support