m-Power Customer Portal

January 15, 2021 Update Details

22 Total Items
Prompt page emailing in Regular Reports improved to remove prompt section automatically when output selection is HTML.
m-Power improved to better support many conditional color coding objects in applications.
MSSQL table creation improved to correctly create time fields on the SQL server database.
Format codes improved to automatically right justify the format code value.
m-Power improved to better support the mapping of alias fields to external objects.
Bootstrap summary template enhanced to now support runtime prompt filters.
Interface & Build Properties issue resolved where the summary suffix wasn't being appended to summary table names.
m-Power improved to better support suppressing calculation validation warnings.
Creating a table in m-Power improved to show alter icon in Manage Tables.
m-Power improved to better handle when a maintainer has field aliases and a record is not found in update mode.
m-Power improved to better support changing the table join over synonyms.
Workflow designer improved to better handle adding objects towards the bottom of the window.
m-Power improved to remove uploaded excel files after uploading them via the Data Upload maintainer template.
Bootstrap Interactive Report template enhanced to support the debug statement.
m-Power improved to retain saved workflow objects after rebuilding an application.
Issue resolved where audit fields were not being passed to messaging task distribution list if maintainer was utilizing an after action redirect.
m-Power improved to better handle selecting distribution lists from the messaging task screen in dictionaries with names less than 10 characters.
Report "In the list" prompt filters enhanced to now have the option of using default values.
Sending an email from the workflow designer improved to remove erroneous special characters where blank lines appear in the email body.
Report prompt relationship for "In the list" enhanced to account for values ending and beginning with '!'.
m-Power improved to better validate date range report prompts for blank values.
Date calendar pickers improved to better handle invalid date formats in reports.