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June 21, 2018 Update Details

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m-Power improved to address issue of calculations duplicating within an application specs when refreshing the browser page.
m-Power Display and Maintain calendar template improved to address cases where calendar events were not properly sorted in order at runtime.
m-Power improved when creating logical field calculations.
m-Power DX improved when setting MSSQL as the variable datasource.
Issue resolved where imported applications in tabbed widget were occasionally malformed at runtime.
Data Explorer improved to better support saving Pivot Table data models to Excel.
Issue resolved where Legacy PDF renderer would fail to create PDF on freshly compiled report applications.
Grid Add Maintainer template improved when using combo-boxes with added rows.
m-Power improved when creating hoverlinks from m-Painter.
Issue addressed where older versions of dictionary menuing were automatically being converted to newer versions.
m-Power improved for Oracle customers when registering tables with NUMBER fields.
m-Power improved when specifying the date format of an alias date field in Manage Fields.
Issue resolved in maintainers where specifying a task group to be called in the After Actions tab in the application properties was occasionally being removed.
m-Power reports improved when using the 'Period Analysis' record selection over a converted date field.
m-Power DX 'Data Search with Totals' improved to support calculations with Period Analysis fields.
m-Power menuing improved to correctly populate roles when assigning applications to a role for Application Security.
m-Power improved when using a logical calculation which contains a condition within an application.
m-Power DX improved to right justify calculation outputs.
m-Power DX improved when working with calculated values that are infinite or undefined.
m-Power DX improved to appropriately show the grand total line when loading a saved design.
m-Power Record Selection reordering and grouping improved when application contains a date selection.
m-Power improved to address cases where creating new tables was registering non-alpha fields as character fields.
m-Power enhanced to now include support for Bootstrap templates
m-Power enhanced to now include the Form Designer within m-Painter
m-Power enhanced to now include Historical auditing within maintenance applications.
Various enhancements made to m-Painter, including responsiveness wizard, edit element wizard, conditional viewing control, menu based visibility, and various Bootstrap element options available for add-ins.
m-Power enhanced to better handle identity columns within maintenance applications.
m-Power enhanced to allow for ajax cascading dropdown lists to pass more than 1 value to subsequent lists. One popular example of this is a scenario with 3 dropdowns. One for US state, one for US county, and one for US city. The user first selects the state, then that state value is sent to filter the list of counties. Then once a county is selected, the selected state and the selected county are passed to the city list to filter appropriately.