m-Power Customer Portal

March 18, 2019 Update Details

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Bootstrap calendar picker options improved.
Maintainers improved for AS400 users when specifying the default value for add on a time field as '00:00:00'.
Period analysis improved to retain 'In the range' dates when opening the 'Make Additional Selections' window.
Single Row Maintainer improved to better support using action mode update with AJAX Validation.
Grid Add Maintainer issue fixed where duplicate key error would be thrown while using AJAX validation.
Issue resolved where a particular sequence of record selections was interfering with current app dropdown functionality.
Grid Add Maintainer improved to better handle adding additional rows at runtime with correct input data-rowindex attribute.
Grid Add Maintainer improved when adding additional rows at runtime with correct input id attribute.
Issue fixed that prevented emailing reports from the prompt page.
Reports improved to better support subtotaling by fields with # in the fieldname.
m-Painter option lists improved when working with quick lists to create a new list if one is not selected, otherwise edit the selected quick list.
Issue fixed where editing a radio button option list would duplicate options in the type dropdown.
Display and Maintain Calendar improved to better support navigating months with a hard coded record selection.
Lookup windows enhanced to better support defaulted field relationships when searching for records in the lookup retrieval.
Bootstrap pulldown menu issue fixed where editing the pulldown added duplicate menu items.
Bootstrap templates improved to offer the ability to remove a calendar picker.
Bootstrap form designer improved when utilizing horizontal label orientation.
Summaries improved to allow for lowercase schema/library.
m-Painter improved to better support converting textarea fields to/from text input where fieldnames are mixed case.
Conditional Visibility feature appropriately removed for non-maintainer templates.