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May 1, 2018 Update Details

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Data Explorer improved to prevent DX end users from viewing non-public saved designs.
Issue fixed for users validating by Active Directory when signing into run-time applications.
m-Power improved to supply newer version of FusionCharts.js during updates.
m-Painter improved to better handle input fields with an type attribute of "number".
m-Power reports improved to address Freemarker errors in reports containing 10 or more run-time record selections.
m-Power improved to handle new fields added after first run of an application when servlet reloading is being done through the mrc router.
m-Power dropdown lists enhanced to support legacy app loading path via adding ?usehttp=1 to dropdown application path. This is helpful if you are running older application templates or running m-Power in a non-traditional configuration.
Cross Tab report template improved to better handle using runtime record selections.
m-Power bug resolved when there was a confluence of calc driven record selections used in conjunction with grouped record selections.
m-Power Report prompt page improved when using runtime record selections with a 'Select at Runtime' relational operator.
m-Power Messaging and Scheduled Tasks utility enhanced to support passing a parameter from a maintainer to the task's 'Sender' field.